Concord Events

Concord, Massachusetts is great to explore anytime, but a few annual celebrations and commemorations make it even better.

Middlesex County Volunteers marching band
Middlesex County Volunteers marching band on Patriots Day

Patriots Day

Old North Bridge, Concord MA
Minutemen march over Old North Bridge on Patriots Day

On April 19, 1775, the American Revolutionary War began with the battles at Lexington and Concord between British “redcoats” and colonial Minutemen.

Patriots Day, the Monday nearest April 19th, is a public holiday in Massachusetts and Maine. All Massachusetts state, county and town government offices, libraries, and some local businesses close, though federal government offices, post offices, offices of large interstate and international companies, and most shops remain open.

Patriots Day events in Concord include a parade with lots of fife-and-drum bands and groups of Minutemen from surrounding towns and as far away as Michigan.

The parade is followed by a re-enactment of the battle at Old North Bridge, commemorative ceremonies, and the repeated firing of brass cannons by the Concord Independent Battery.

Several church halls open to provide pancake breakfasts to the multitude.

Pancake Breakfasts sign

Musketaquid Earth Day

Musketaquid was the Algonquian name for what is today Concord. Earth Day celebrations, in late April, are organized by The Umbrella arts organization. A parade with floats and displays makes its way from Concord Center to the Old Manse and Old North Bridge to celebrate nature and its preservation. Lots of fun, especially for families (if the weather cooperates).

July 4th - Independence Day

Like many towns and cities, Concord has a patriotic parade and commemoration ceremonies on our national holiday.