Concord Farms

Concord MA has numerous active farms growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and spices, mostly organically-grown. Some also provide their own pasture-raised meats and eggs, breads from local craft bakeries, and cheeses from local and regional dairies.

These products are harvested at the peak of ripeness, not days or weeks before so they can be shipped long distances. Local produce is what fine restaurants favor because it has the best flavor, freshness and appearance.

Most of these farms have farm stands open to all. (Check each website for days and hours of operation.) Some also offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares: you pay a membership fee and gain the right to continuing quantities of produce harvested at its peak. 

Millbrook Farm

215 Cambridge Turnpike, Concord MA. Closest to Concord Center, it’s just a few minutes’ walk along Cambridge Turnpike from the Emerson House and Concord Museum. Look for vegetables, fruits, flowers & more.

Scimone Farm

505 Old Bedford Rd (MA Rte 62). Founded in 1923, the farm offers local & regional produce & flowers. Farmer Frank Scimone passed away in 2020, but his farm marches on.

Scimone Farm, Concord MA

449 Barrett’s Mill Rd, Concord MA. Colonel Barrett of the Concord Minutemen farmed here when the Revolutionary War broke out, and the farm has had only two other owners since then. Organic vegetables and fruits, and a popular CSA. Colonel Barrett’s house is right across the street.

754 Monument St, Concord MA. Up on the hill north of Fenn School, Hutchins offers organic produce, flowers, and scenic views.

171 Harrington Ave., Concord MA. On quiet Harrington Avenue west of Concord Center, Marshall sells fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, flowers, honey, pies & firewood.

40 Westford Rd, Concord MA. Not just a farm, Saltbox has a farm-to-table restaurant and micro-brewery in West Concord. The farm provides the organic produce, eggs, lamb & flowers.

11 Wheeler Rd, Concord MA. Founded 1918, this  large farm offers lots of fresh produce & flowers south of Concord Center via the Old Road to Nine Acre Corner.

58 Codman Rd, Lincoln MA. Just two miles south of Walden Pond, the farm sells vegetables, fruits, pasture-raised meats & poultry, eggs, breads & cheeses. The historic Codman Estate is right next door, with miles of forest hiking trails as well.

32 Parker St, Acton MA. Five miles west of Concord Center in neighboring Acton, Cucurbit is a 5th-generation family farm offering vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats & flowers.