Shopping in Concord MA

Among the reasons visitors come to Concord is to walk its historic streets and do some window-shopping among its boutiques. The Milldam, centered on the intersection of Main and Walden streets, just off Monument Square, is the first place to wander—but there are others.

Artist paints Main Street, Concord MA

An artist paints the section of Main Street known as the Milldam, Concord's prime shopping place.

Concord's Shopping Areas

Concord Center - The Milldam

The center of Concord MA between Monument Square and the Concord Free Public Library has a number of restaurants and sandwich shops good for everything from a hearty breakfast through a quick sandwich to a tavern supper or formal dinner.

Concord Depot

Thoreau Street between Main Street and Sudbury Road in Concord MA is a commercial zone with several shops in and near the Concord Depot (train station), 1/2 mile (800 meters, 10-minute walk) southwest of Monument Square.

West Concord

West Concord, 2.7 miles (4.4 km) west of Concord Center’s Monument Square on the southwest side of MA Route 2 (map), is the other commercial center of Concord MA, with shops, light industry, a library branch, schools, fuel stations and its own Commuter Rail train station (West Concord).

May blossoms in Concord

May blossoms in Concord