What to See & Do in Concord MA

Visitors come to Concord to hike, bike, kayak, swim, see the sights, attend a performance, muse at museums, stroll and shop, have a coffee and chat, dine simply or elegantly, and even stay the night.

Walk, jog, hike, bike, swim, boat, kayak, canoe—Concord’s great for all of them.

Canoers on the Concord River

Canoers on the Concord River.

Museums in Concord MA

The Town of Concord, founded in 1636, is a living museum, with historic buildings and sites, fine architecture, and pleasant prospects. For indoor musing, look for these places:

Inscription on Egg Rock

Inscription on Egg Rock, at the confluence of the Assabet & Sudbury rivers forming the Concord River.

Music in Concord

All sorts of live music are yours in Concord: Concord Orchestra, Concord Band, Concord Chamber Music Society, Concord Chorus, Concord Women's Chorus, musical theater from the Concord Players; pop, folk & jazz in cafés and taverns.

Concord Band summer concert

The Concord Band plays a summer concert at Fruitlands Museum.

The Arts in Concord

Concord is rich in graphic and plastic arts talent and galleries. In addition to the museums mentioned above, seek out these art havens.

Concord Art Association

Concord Art Association